About | Ultrashoes


The Concept

We have 60 years experince in the shoe business, from a long family tradition.

We believe that our shoes can be eco, stylish, fair, comfortable, resistant and reasonably priced.

He technology needed for this is already available, at fair costs – we just need the mind leap necessary to make things differently.



How do We Get There

  • Eco baseline – our shoes are eco-friendly, either during sourcing, production, using or discarding, on a large scale – at least 60%.
  • We involve our suppliers and clients – we ask for their opinions and their ideas, we use and extend their capabilities – they become our partners.

So, we have good eco-friendly shoes as they use the best inputs and outputs our partners can give.

Using our and our partners waste and eco raw materials we get Eco shoes but we still need the rest.

  • Style and comfort comes from our regular activity (we deliver 1200 pairs/day of tubular, ströbel or cemented regular shoes).
  • Fairness comes from exchanging raw materials (replaced by cheap or free waste) for manual labor to convert waste into quality materials, increasing our workers’ wages, in an european country, binded to EU labor laws.
  • Resistance comes from choosing quality materials and intensive testing – these shoes must compare to regular shoes.
  • Reasonable prices come from our continuous search.