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About Green Shoes



ULTRABIO shoes are biodegradable as all of its components (e.g., sole, leather, laces, glue, thread) are biodegradable. Also, their containers can be made of recyclable and recycled materials.

All leather components are chrome and heavy metal-free, according to ISO standards. The soles are totally natural, made of tree rubber. All textile components are cotton or linen, as all threads are. No metal parts are used. In the end, you get biodegradable shoes, capable of disappearing in the nature in less than 3 years. The extreme care used in the materials choice allows us to guarantee a small impact in Nature, enabling your customers to greatly reduce their eco footprint.



With ULTRAVEGAN, your customers will be able to follow the vegan philosophy. We produce 100% vegan shoes - none of the models uses any material of animal origin or is tested in animals, rejecting the commodity status of sentient animals. The base material of our ULTRAVEGAN shoes is cork, an environmental friendly,  resistant, elastic, impermeable and buoyant material originated from the Quercus suber (the Cork Oak), which is endemic to southwest Europe and northwest Africa. And the Oak tree actually benefits from the harvesting of the cork. In fact, the cork production is sustainable as the cork tree is not harvested, only its bark. Cork oak forests also prevent desertification and are a refuge of various endangered species in the Iberian Peninsula.



The process of producing regular shoes leaves 10 -15% of cut-outs – and that’s plenty of brand new, quality materials that would otherwise be garbage. Upcycled shoes use at least 80% of upcycled leather.  In the production of an Upcycled shoe we decrease new leather consumption to a minimum, increasing the consumption of yarn but, mainly, increasing the manual labor demanded during the production process. So, we are exchanging raw materials for labor, fighting unemployment in Europe and reducing our shoes eco footprint, approaching zero waste in the process. We also looked at the sole – together with our supplier we developed a sole that contains about 40% of sole trimmings, once again valuing otherwise garbage materials.The quality of one of these shoes is comparable to a new leather one.